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Tiny Lions Napoleons

The following are our lions (kings, studs, male breeders).  Since we are a small cattery to ensure good socialization of our cats, we will only keep one male in the house.  Contrary to popular belief, not all intact males are problem sprayers.  By keeping only one male in the house, we limit that problem. On a rare instance, we have used a stud to diversify the gene pool in the breed and to give our mature girls a chance to have litters while our boy was growing to maturity.  However, at this time, we have our own males to produce kittens from our own lines.

All of Tiny Lions Napoleons cats have been PKD tested and proven negative.  They were also tested fro Progressive Retinal Atrophy and Muccopolysacchiridosis.  Test results are available for review upon request.

QGC Judy’s Cuties Clawed LeMieux of Tiny Lions

Nickname: Claude

Date of Birth: 05/03/2016

Standard long hair Napoleon (Minuet)

Color: Chocolate mackerel tabby and white

DNA tested (contact for results)

Pedigree available (contact to review)

Claude is our much awaited for boy, who is our first male breeder.  His eyes are a beautiful golden.  He has chocolate and is a carrier for Siamese color points. He is such a pistol.  He is quite the lover boy.  He is a currently a quad grand champion in TICA.

If you have any questions about our cats, don’t hesitate to contact us at the following:

Home: (719)687-4484

Cell: (305)333-3186 (call or text)

Or email us at

Riddle Me This of Pawcity (stud on loan)

Nickname: Riddler

Date of Birth: 11/10/2015

Non-standard short hair Napoleon (Minuet)

Color: Chocolate Lynx point tabby

DNA tested (contact for results)

Pedigree available (contact to review)

Riddler is a sweet non-standard Napoleon who was graciously loaned to us from Samantha McConnell of Pawcity Cattery, to begin our breeding program with our girls, while Claude matures.  He is a gentle boy who loves to snuggle and craves human companionship.  He loves playing and has a wonderful temperament.  He has an insatiable appetite for running around and fun.

Click here to see Riddler’s past litters.

Riddle Me This' Past Litters Our Tiny Lions

Pawcity’s Wolverine of Tiny Lions

Nickname: Logan

Date of Birth: May 13, 2017

Standard long hair Napoleon (Minuet)

Color: Chocolate tabby

DNA tested: pending

Pedigree available: pending

Tiny Lions Cattery co-owns this beautiful new stud with Samantha McConnell of Pawcity Cattery.  This gives us the opportunity to show Logan across the country as we share possession of this boy. Samantha will be able to show on the east coast and we’ll be able to show on the west coast.  We’ll also be able to provide more options in what we produce in kittens.